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Godech region

Old school building
Old school building

A number of  archaeological finds prove that the Godech region has been inhabited since the pre-historical times and since the times of the Thracians and Romans.

The evidences dating from the Middle Ages and Bulgarian National revival are rather meagre. In 1453 Godech was mentioned for first time in the Ottoman records. There is a still preserved inscription in St. Nikola church in the village of Tuden and according to it the church was built in 1400 "when the Ottomans took possession of Bulgaria". About eleven years later another church with three apses and loopholes was built in the village of Gubesh.

The people from Godech region took part in a number of uprisings.Numerous detachments of outlaws were organized. One of them - in the region of Razboishtki monastery was led by Matei Preobrazhenski. Panayot Hitov passed by the village of Gintzi. Doncho Ivanov who happened to be in Kozlodoui joined Hristo Botev's detachment of armed volunteers. Six volunteers from the Godech region took part in the Liberation War. Later on the son of the volunteer Denko Ivanov - Simeon Denkov took part in the Ilindensko Uprising and his life was lost for the liberation of Macedonia.

During the Serbian-Bulgarian War all the people of Godech region rose in defence of the fatherland. The volunteers helped by children, women and old people defeated the invaders near Ropot, Komshtitsa and Tuden.

The revolt against the tithe in 1900, the ladies' revolt during the wars as well as the revolt against the mobilization of  Bulgarians in order to fight the Russians are the most outstanding among the number of events tracing the national liberating and revolutionary struggles of the people from Godech region.

When you trace chronologically the town history there are several standing out events of great significance for its development:

  • 1887 - a new school with 4 class rooms was built
  • 1899 - the reading club was established
  • 1900 - post office, junior high school and weekly market place were opened
  • 1905 - police station was established
  • 1908 - the first co-operation and bee-keepers' association were established (village of Golesh)
  • 1915 - medical centre, agriculture bank, hospital and law court were established
  • 1920 - dairy co-operation was established, Godech was proclaimed county centre
  • 1948 - co-operative farm was established
  • 1956 - Godech was proclaimed a town
  • 1960-1965 - two plants - Kom and Magnit were built

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