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Cultural and historical attractions

St. Dimiter Church
St. Dimiter Church

The numerous churches and monasteries along the Nishava river have always attracted archaeologists attention. During the time of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom and the first years of the Ottoman rule Godech region was an important monastery centre. The cult buildings were erected during the Middle Ages and in the time of Bulgarian National Revival they were reinforced and restored.

The most significant Monuments of Culture (MC):

  • St. Nikolai Letni monastery - Godech. It consists of a new church and an ancient Roman church (2nd - 4th century) - national monument of culture. The ancient church was built of  massive square stone blocks and has two altars - these facts make it unique without an analogue in Bulgaria. But there is a Roman church located in Titsy (England) which is almost the same.
  • St. Dimiter church (old church) - Godech - monument of culture of local importance
  • Sveta Troitsa church (Holy Trinity) - village of Komshtitza - monument of culture. The iconostasis and icons are of great art value. The iconostasis is one of the most beautiful for the time of the decline of the Bulgarian National Revival - it is polychromatic, gilt and with marvelous colour harmony. The icons were painted by masters from Samokov. The Tsars' icons were painted by Nikola Yovanov (Obrazopisov) in 1872 - 1873. They are monumental and remarkable both for their unified style and for the obvious efforts of the artist to catch in his work the new trend that was coming into the Bulgarian religious art
  • St. Nikolai Church - vil. of Gintzi - MC
  • St. Nikolai Chudotvorets Church - vil. of Tuden - MC
  • Vavedenie Bogorodichno (Presentation of the Blessed Virgin) Monastery - vil. of Razboishte - MC
  • Sveta Troitza (Holy Trinity) Church - vil. of Gubesh
  • St. Archangel Michail - vil. of Lopushna
  • St. Ilia Monastery - vil. of Vradlovtzi
  • St. Duh (Holy Ghost) Monastery - Godech
  • St. Georgi Monastery - Bukorovtzi
  • Mediaeval Church in the village of Komshitza - Manastira locality

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