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Ggood conditions for summer recreation

Hunchbacked Bridge, 1510
Hunchbacked Bridge, 1510
The Caravansary
The Caravansary

Business of tourism is slack. So far the favourable recreation conditions are a main social factor of rest.

The erected micro dams and reservoirs are an important resort resource for the municipality. Except for the main function of irrigation, these water areas are also used for fishing. The following micro dams have certain resources  for development of a variety of rest forms in the open:

  • in the vil. Nadezhden, an area of 177 ha
  • Kiumiurluka - Harmanli
  • Sheklareto - vil. Izvorovo
  • Kazala - Harmanli, etc.

The transient Mediterranean climate with a great number of sunny days and high temperatures, a combination of special purpose woods and water areas are a good condition for a summer recreation.

The available facts of nature of Harmanli municipality are a potential of development in the field of tourism, and respectively of the alternative tourism. This resource is a base for tourist products development and for a gradual raising of these functions.

Simultaneously, the route tourism will continue to develop, especially with the development of the highway, which necessitates to determine forms of its stimulation with a view to its contribution to the development of the municipality.

The chances of tourism development are linked by a use of the tourist resource in the municipality to the best advantage: development and offer of a new product - rural, ecotourism, building of health paths, new tourist routes (e.g. along the Harmanli river defile, etc.), water sports, sport fishing, etc.; the staff skills improvement; development of social rest activity.

The tourism development could favourably influence the rural development and it will influence the entire economic development of the municipality in an ascendant way.

The History Museum in Harmanli is the only museum. Its building is in a bad condition.

In similar municipalities the most often met sights of culture are chitalishta (Bulg. Chitalishte - a reading club, Bulgarian community centre). They have more than half a century history in this region. They offer conditions for amateur art activities, various training schools, library service, etc. The chitalishte in Harmanli has a wide range of activities, while in the rest 12 villages only the library activity is supported.

The cinema hall in the town does not work. The problem is in shortage of funds. The building fund is specialized and with this appearance and location it is not an attractive sight to develop other activities.

The Vaulted (Hunchbacked) Bridge over Oludere, Caravansary in the centre of Harmanli and the fountain White-legged Girl's Spring loom are among the cultural and historical sights.

The Old Bridge and the altar of St Athanasy Church in Harmanli are declared monuments of culture. There are a number of other sights of early epochs that have not been explored in detail.

Here are the historical places the House of Karakoliu (cave), the Wood Hades and Haidouk's (outlaw's) Pit (small cave).

The surrounding country offers routes for picnics and excursions.

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