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Culture and Arts

The past and the present days of Haskovo are connected with the names of many eminent people of art, who along with its citizens create the free spirit and the unique atmosphere of the town.

Haskovo historical museum and the Art Gallery preserve the culture and the achievements of many generations. A lot of evidence for its thousand century history are stored in the region.

The drama and puppet theatre "Ivan Dimov", the regional library "Hristo Smirnenski", The club of the cultural figures, the symphony orchestra, the brass-band orchestra, the folklore ensembles Zlatna Trakiya, Haskovo, Kitna Trakiya, the choirs Rodna pesen, Orpheus, Noktyurno and others establish the palette of cultural institutions and the rich cultural offer of Haskovo.
30 national cultural clubs and the festivals with a confirmed prestige: literary days "South spring", musicals days "Nedyalka Simeonova", Republican sport dances championship, "Culture of the wine" festival, the famous Haskovo fair, Week of the national  cultural clubs, Christmas and New Year celebrations with authentic national customs and others carry on and develop the cultural and historical traditions in the region.

The Shishmans` house, XX c. The Paskalevs` house, XIX c. The Kirkovs` school, XIX c. Petko voyvoda`s monument Iconostasis from "St. archangels Mihail and Gavrail", 1861

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