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The territory and surrounding area of the present Iskar municipality have been inhabited since ancient times for their favourable geographical location and close proximity to the river. The first evidences for human presence in this region date as back as from the 4th-3rd century BC but the evidences from the Roman times are more definite. Remnants of Kaleto - an old Roman settlement are located at a 1,5 km distance northwards of the town. Old Roman coins, household vessels and finery were found here. A Roman road testifies for the connection of the settlement with the big Roman town Ulpia-Eskus.

The village of Mahalata (the present town of Iskar) sprang up in the early 17th century. The first settlers along the Iskar river banks were from the neighbouring villages - freedom loving and rebellious people, escaping from the Ottoman tyranny. During the years of Ottoman yoke the villagers made their living by cultivating the land and stock-breeding. The craft industry was not well developed.

The people from the village of Mahalata took part in the struggle for national liberation. Vassil Levski established a secret revolutionary committee in St. Dimiter church in 1872.

After the Liberation from the Ottomans the village expanded. Nowadays the people still make their living by cultivating the land but the craft and light industries are well developed, too.

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