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According to the legends the river by the settlement was named Panaka, after the youngest and the most beautiful daughter of Asclepius,  ancient Greek God of healing and medicine.

In the chronicles Loukovit dates back to the 17th century but it was first mentioned in the Turkish registers in 1470. The archeologists proved that there was a settlement as early as 2000 - 3000 years B.C. and it reached its summit during the Thracian times. The Silver Treasure of Loukovit (4th century B.C.) is among the most remarkable archaeological finds that preserve the material evidences for the spiritual and material culture of Thracians, Romans and Slavs.

The names of the people's protectors - the chieftains Angel and Valchan are connected with the town history. Vasil Levski - the Apostle of Liberty established here a revolutionary committee. Sofronii Vrachanski took refuge in Karloukovski monastery and worked for the Bulgarian education and national freedom. As early as in 1848 the first school (one classroom only) was opened. The first teachers Kancho Velin and Dimiter Odjakov taught the children how to read and write and their parents - how to revolt.

Four years after the Liberation from the Ottomans in 1882, the village became a county centre. Loukovit was proclaimed town in 1892 by Decree № 263 dated 03.12.1892. Loukovit municipality constitutes  of  the villages of Peshterna, Toros, Dermantzi, Aglen and Bezhanovo - along the Vit river, Roumyantzevo and Petrevene - along the Zlatna Panega river and Karloukovo, Daben, Todorichene and Belentzi scattered in the hills.

The spiritual life of Loukovit is in close relation with the educational and creative work of such personalities as Evgenii Vashchenko, Petko Stainov, Krastyo Sarafov, Konstantin Zidarov, Dimiter Talev, Spas Kralevski.

The economic of the region after the Liberation until the World War II was characterized by not coordinated farming, stock-breeding, craftsmanship and trade. Several water mills, filling mills, two dye houses, carpet weaving factory and water power plant formed the character of the town. The intensive construction and manufacture during the post-war years turned Loukovit into an industrial town with well developed transport, trade and services.

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