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An ore-mining region

A roman bridge
A roman bridge

Madan was an ore-mining region as early as Antiquity. There are preserved old mines hewn into the rocks in various ages in the town and the surrounding area.

The variety of the local relief includes many natural phenomena - a gorge, rock formations, valleys, caves, gullies. The rock formation Konskata Glava (The Horse's Head) is in the village of Lyaska, Malkoto Dere (The Small Gully) and the Mechi Dol Waterfall are in the village of Srednogortsi, the cave Sharenka formed in a marble massif and the alpine slope Babata are in the village of Sharenka, and the karst cave Doupka (The Hole) is in the village of Maglishta.

The two Roman bridges dating from the 1st millennium AD are unique architectural monuments. An ancient road for the Aegean coast passed through them in the past.

There are unique rock formations carved by water in the locality Siniyat Dab (The Blue Oak). This area is a mini-reserve with an interesting oak forest.

The locality Gabata is a rock massif with a small cave, in which pieces of ceramics of various ages have been discovered. The path leads to the Thracian Mine, in which primitive tools for ore mining and earthen lamps have been discovered. The 50-metre-high rock Rimpapa, resembling a man in a cloak, is nearby. It is suitable for climbing. There are ruins of an ancient settlement with remains of an earthen water conduit behind the rock.

There is a Proto-Bulgarian fortress, which was later conquered by the Romans, in the locality Kichikaya. There are preserved stone walls of old buildings and pieces of the fortress wall. There is a fully preserved well hewn into the rock to a depth of 9 m.

The old mine in the locality Babata was hewn into the very rock by Russian geologists in the 1950s.

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