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Thracian rocky Belintash
Thracian rocky Belintash

In the vinicity of the village Borovo, a Thracian rocky sanctuary Belintash is located. It is considered to be once a unique observatory of the ancient people.

During the last couple of years Belintash has become an attractive centre for many fans of esotheric ideas, UFO-logists, extrasense/psychies, etc. The rocky phenomenon is a tribal sanctuary of the Beses, dedicated to the ancient Thracian divinity Sabazius.

Sabazius - an idol, worshipped as beneficent and donator of immortality. The cult towards Sabazius has been widely spread in Phrigia and Tharce. Its roots have to be searched back in the middle of the IInd millenium B.C. In the classic Greek mythology Sabazius has been identified with Dyonisus - Zagreus, the son of Zeus and Persephona. later on, under the influence of the Hellenic mythology and culture, the cult towards Sabazius had penetrated into Rome, where it became one with the cult towards Jupiter. The snake had been its sacred animal.

Rural and Cultural Tourism in the Resort Village of Sabazius

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