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House-Museum of Raina Kniaginia

House-Museum of Raina Kniaginia
House-Museum of Raina Kniaginia

House-Museum of Raina Kniaginia is the native house of the national heroine Raina Popgeorgieva. The house's exhibition shows the feat of the girl who embroidered and bore the flag of the April Uprising in 1876. At the mere age of twenty at the time, Raina was already head mistress at the girls school. On a memorable evening, in the midst of the feverish preparations for the uprising, the leader Benkovski asked her to make the main battle flag for the insurgents, the legendary ensign with the lion rampant and the winged motto: Liberty or Death.

The house is supposed to have been built in 1673. It is a typical asymmetrical Sredna Gora house, overlooking the spacious yard. The house was proclaimed a museum and a cultural monument of national importance in 1950. It underwent a capital restoration in 1979-1981, and a documental and material exhibition containing Raina Kniaginia's flag was open the former workshop on the ground floor. The heroine's bones were buried in the house's yard.

Not far from Rainas home are the walls that fenced in what was Hadji Loukas house, the office of the Interim Revolutionary Government of 1876, headed by Pavel Bobekov.

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