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The Pirin National Park

Pirin is the biggest national park of Bulgaria, spanning an area of 26 480 hectares. It occupies regions with well-preserved natural life from the peak of Vihren to an altitude of 1 000 m. Over 60% of its surface are covered with forests. The forests give shelter to very rare tree and animal species. The oldest tree in Bulgaria, called the White Fir of Baickush (Baickusheva Mourra) and more than 1 200 years old, can be seen in the park. On its comparatively small area the mountain hikers may also come across some rare vegetable species. Not less than 50 peaks with a height of more than 2 600 m, about 70 glacial lakes, a multitude of breath-taking waterfalls, fascinating caves and awesome precipices lend a sort of majestic beauty to the mountain. The preserved ecological balance and unique vegetable and animal life, side by side with the facilities of the well-equipped tourist base and the original folklore of the Pirin region, give excellent conditions for recreation and sport.

It was announced a UNESCO monument in 1983.

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