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Historical museum

Historical museum
Historical museum

It was created in 1953 as a city museum. The first exhibition was opened in 1957. In 1959 the museum grew into Regional People's Museum and in 1969 some administrative and structural changes were made and the museum's name was changed to Regional Museum of History. The museum is of a common history nature and has the following departments: Archaeology managed by two curators; Ethnography department with one curator; Bulgarian History of XVII XVIII centuries the Renaissance one curator; Modern and most modern history department with one curator; Mining Science one curator department; Public Relations department with one curator; Funds department with two curators and one fund-keeper.

The museum has a photo-shop and a restoration workshop with a staff of two people. There is a power technician, a construction technician, a cashier, an accountant and a cleaner. The whole staff (including the director) numbers 18.5. The museum's budget varies from 50 million to 70 million leva (Old Bulgarian currency).

The exhibition of the Historical Museum was opened in 1973 and was renovated in 1979. There are about 11 000 visitors per year. Some temporary exhibitions were organized in the last few years. There are 17 085 items in the museum's main fund and 37 833 items in its auxiliary fund a total of 54 918 items. The following collections have been constructed:

  • Prehistoric pottery
  • Medieval City life the materials come from the Krakra fortress
  • Votive tablets to the Thracian Horseman (Trakijskija Konnik) from the sanctuary in the village of Tsarkva
  • A collection of icons
  • A numismatic collection
  • Ethnographic fabrics collection
  • Busin Pottery collection
  • English and Russian weapons used in the struggle against fascism

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