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Ancient Petra

The administrative center in the municipality is the town of Petrich, an heir of the history and the name of the ancient Thracian town Petra, which arises in V-V century BC in the law lands of Kozhuh mountain, Ruite land. In 28-29 century B.C. Petra has been conquered by the Romans and it exists as a Roman settlement till V century, when the Slavs conquered it. The settlement perishes in the flames of a great fire, so the beginning of the today town in the law lands of Belasitsa mountain is put by the settled on these area Slavs and the inhabitants who have survived after the fire.

In 837, during the rule of khan Presian, Petrich enters into the border of the Fist Bulgarian Country.

The following centuries designate an important role to the town in the struggle against the foreign invaders. 18 km. to the west of the town, in 1014 one of the most dramatic battles in our history has taken place - the battle for Samuil fortress, where 14000 Bulgarian solders have been captured and blinded.

During ղ-ղV century Petrich is a Bulgarian Fortress -  a part of the fortification system in the Southwestern Bulgaria.

During the Turkish yoke it becomes a Turkish administrative and military center.

In 1912  the town is liberated from Turkish yoke and in the next 1913  it hospitably opens its doors for the thousands of emigrants from Aegean and Vardar Macedonia.

From 1920 till 1934 Petrich is a regional town.

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