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A center of the national liberation

The tower clock from 1779
The tower clock from 1779

The town of Sevlievo is established as an administrative and military, strategic and economic centre of the region in X century. On a naturally fortified place, 3 km to the north-west of the today city, a massive defensive fortress is built up. A large for that time medieval town with a detached infrastructure, four living areas, two churches, a work shop for metal and ceramic processing is detach around it. The town exists till the end of VII century, although the fortress is destroyed at the time of Turkish invasion at the end of XIV century. Gradually its economic and administrative functions are transferred to the present city, named at the beginning Selvi, Servi, Sevliova. Since the second half of XVII century Sevlievo is recognized as a centre of the Turkish administrative kaaza (district) of 50 living places with highly developed craftsmanship - leather processing, cloth's sewing, metal processing, carpentry. In 1834 the old church from XVII century is renovated with a splendid fret altar and in 1846 one of the first high society schools in the country is established in the county, a gift of the notable Sevlievo citizen and a man of the National Revival Hadji Stoyan Nikolov.

At the beginning of the 70 the town becomes a center of the organized movement for national liberation – here, Vasil Levski establishes the first Revolutionary Committee. After his capture and hanging, his followers form a second committee, which organizes the April’s Rebellion in Sevlievo region. From 1st till 11th May battles between the rebels and the Turkish army – bashi-bazouk and nizami are held in the Balkan. Four big villages are burnt out and destroyed, numerous quarters, more than 300 people – men, women and children died.

Eight of the rebellion leaders are hung at Sevlievi square. In 1894 at that place grateful brothers-in arms and descendents raise an impressive monument.

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