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Landmarks of Sopot

Ivan Vazov's house
Ivan Vazov's house

In the first place this is the house, in which Ivan Vazov was born, located at the downtown Ivan Vazov Sq. (tel.: +359 3134 20 70). The initial house was destroyed at the end of the Ottoman Rule but at the initiative of admirers of the poet it was rebuilt in 1932 and proclaimed as house-museum. A special exhibition hall was built next to the house, which exibits key moments of the public and literary activity of the peoples poet Ivan Vazov (1850­ - 1921). A memorial to the pet was erected at the central square named after him. Presentation of the Blessed Holly Virgin Nunnery (located near the central square north of it) which was founded in 1665 next to an old church from the beginning of the 15th century. In 1877 it was almost completely destroyed by fire. Solely the veranda with the hiding place of the Apostle Levksi (the Apostle repeatedly found a secure shelter there), the little church and the drinking-fountain in the middle of the yard survived and were preserved in their initial appearance up to date. All the remaining buildings were restored to their initial appearance. The museum corner Radas School, the cell of Hadzhi Rovoama and Lay Sister Rada Gospozhina - characters of Ivan Vazovs novel Under the Yoke are here, too.

Sopot Monastery St. Spas (at the distance of 2 km north-west of the centre) is located immediately at the foothill of the Stara Planina slopes, on the left bank of the Manastirska River. The date of its origin is unknown. It was repeatedly devastated and destroyed by fire. Its present appearance dates back to 1879. During the Revival Period there was a monastery school and a singing school functioning in the Monastery and it was a centre of revolutionary life, too. In 1858 Vassil Ivanov (Levski) was ordained for a Deacon here. The countryside surrounding the Monastery is extraordinary. The initial station of the open-seat lift is near it, too.

Dyado Stoyanovs Water-Mill (The mill of grandfather Stoyanov), described by Ivan Vazov in his novel Under the Yoke, is located next to the road leading to the initial station of the open-seat lift, in the north-western end of the town. The following places of interest are worth seeing, too: the church Holy Apostles Peter and Paul of 1846, Hadzhi Kotyovs House, Hadzhi Stoilkovs House, Hadzhi Stoynovs House, Kirkovs House, Kopanovs House, Konovs Bakery and others.

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