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A modern city

Area - 4 655,8 sq. km
Population - 330 745
Average temperature - 12,8° C

The citizens of Pleven district see their future in a prosperous European region along the Danube river with an intensive agriculture and wide implementation of high technologies in modern industrial enterprises. It is very important that Pleven district is close to the international transport roads and this fact will contribute to the development of transborder cooperation and will facilitate the integration process on the Balkan Peninsula and in Europe.

The climate is temperate - continental with hot summers and cold winters but low snowfalls. Three big rivers flow through the region: Iskar, Vit and Osam, all of them flowing into the Danube. The district is poor in natural resources, only fire-clay, stone and gravel pits, oil and gas are to be found.

Pleven town occupies the Central part of the Danube lowland, located at almost equal distance from the Danube River and the Balkan mountain range. The town is 170 km away from the capital Sofia. The access to the town by the Danube River is realized at the river port Somovit that stands away 30 km from Pleven. Presently, activities are being carried out to provide possibilities to use one of the near by military air fields for civil and transportation flights. Pleven district has over 350 thousands inhabitants, 150 thousands out of them are citizens of the town itself and turn it in a strong urban center, the seventh largest city in Bulgaria.

Pleven is in a zone of moderate-continental climate characterized by significant temperature amplitudes. The average annual temperature is 12,8° C. The water resources are collected from Vit and Tuchenitza rivers as well from Karsts springs, artesian wells and underground waters.

The soils are characterized with their variety but humus ones are predominating. The great part of the agricultural lands is impressing 79 % at the average for the country 65 %. The crops raised are mainly wheat, corn, and sunflower. The orchard trees are apple, pear, queen, cherry-tree, apricot and nut-trees. Vine growing is dominant for municipality – over 12 000 decares. In 1980 the first in the country Viticulture school is opened and several years later - the first wins-cellar. The town is established as viticultural center.

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