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Ivanovo Rock Monastery

Ivanovo Rock Monastery
Ivanovo Rock Monastery

Ivanovo Rock Monasteries
(13th - 17th centuries)

A natural museum of Bulgarian painting, with 20 mediaeval churches, chapels and monastic cells hewn into the craggy gorge of the Roussenski Lom river by the village of Ivanovo, near Rousse.

In the Covered-up church one can see many inscriptions, portraits of saints, and other surviving items, among which the church-donor's portrait - most likely the czar Ivan Asen II.

Ivanovo Rock Monastery located in almost a cosmic landscape - rock massifs, enveloping the picturesque river valley near the city of Rousse.

As if striving to be closer to God, hermit monks settled here during the 11-th - 14-th century, digging cells, churches and chapels into the rocks.

Talented artists painted them with realistic frescos, exquisite in color and composition, and turned them into a treasure trove of Bulgarian mediaeval painting.

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