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The Bulgarian Renaissance

During the Bulgarian Renaissance, the depictions of Bulgarian saints and spiritual leaders appeared in wall paintings Ivan Rilski, Cyril and Methodius, Clement of Ochrid, and George of Sofia are all depicted.

In order to comply with Ottoman law, churches had to have a humble outward appearance and had to be lower than neighboring mosques. Because of this, most of them are halfdug into the ground. National pride, however, is expressed through the decorations in the interiors.

Artistic schools emerged during this period, including the schools of Triavna, Bansko, Debur and Samokov. Woodcarving reached its zenith. The fame of Kalofer woodcarvers spread. In addition to the unique woodcarved iconostases thrones in churches and monasteries, woodcarving was introduced to private houses as well. There were whole families of builders, painters and woodcarvers: Usta Kolio Ficheto, Dimiter and Zachari Zograph, Zachari, Ivan, Nikola, Stanislav Dospevski, Ivan Obrazopisov and Nikola Obrazopisov, Papa Vitan Senior and Papa Vitan Junior, Tzoniovi, Zacharievtzi and many others.

The iconostases of the Sveta Bogoroditza church in Pazardjik, the metropolitan church in Samokov and the churches in Gabrovo, Plovdiv, Arbanasi, Triavna, Kilifarevo, Preobrazhenie monastery, Batoshevski monastery, Drianovo, Biala Cherkva, Svishtov and Silistra are of high artistic value.

Triavna iconostasse

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