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The Synagogue, built in 1894 by the Jewish community in Vidin, is situated in the vicinity of Baba Vida fortress. The old building is a three-aisle single-apse basilica with narthex, galleries and four towers in a regular form.

The main façade is impressive in scale and composition – in the centre is the vaulted entrance, above which there is a round window with iron bars in the form of the holy Jewish star, in both ends rise the towers, whose arched twin-windows have stained glass and elegant decorative bars.

The interior is rich in colours, with elements of ancient Jewish and classical architectural forms. The inner dimensions of the praying hall, famous for its excellent acoustics, are 21/10 m. The nave is covered by cylindrical vault, while the aisles and galleries – by cross vaults. On their bluish surface is painted the holy Jewish star. The nave and aisles are separated by graceful arcades with bronze-covered columns made of cast iron. The ornaments of their capitals – spirals, palmettes, tangles and acanthus leaves are also coloured. The altar lies on a platform in the apse, above is the symbol of the sun – in blue, white, red and bronze colours. The narthex is covered by cross vaults, on its walls there are two marble plates and two reliefs with bronze inscriptions in Jewish language.

In 1950, the Synagogue was converted into storage, causing severe damage. Nowadays the building is in process of restoration.


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