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Holy City of Perperikon

Holy City of Perperikon
Holy City of Perperikon
The Temple of Dionysus
The Temple of Dionysus

The recent sensational discovery of the Holy City of Perperikon - an ancient town, cult centre and a mediaeval fortress, near today's town of Kurdjali - proves that the region has been inhabited ever since the Thracians (6th - 5th millenia BC).

Perperikon, the biggest Thracian megaliths in the Balkans, saw its first heyday in the 2nd millenium BC, which coincided with the peak of the Mycenaean and Minoan civilizations.

The quest for the Temple of Dionysus which lasted for more than a century was finally resolved in 2002 on the territory of Perperikon.

This is the only place in Europe and maybe in the world, where the separate civilizations did not destroy one another, but fitted into and developed on the basis of the preceding ones.

There are many different places of worship in the Bulgarian lands. Most of the Thracian sanctuaries are on sites with special power of their own.

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