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Land of ancient treasures

The Varna treasure
The Varna treasure

Varna treasure
(6th - 5th millenia BC)

The remarkable archaelogical monuments from different periods of history are an eloquent proof of the rich economic and cultural life in the Bulgarian lands throughout the ages. The unearthed more than 70 Thracian gold treasures conquered the modern world. They enabled a great civilization to take its deserving place in the history of mankind.

The discovery of the Varna Chalcolithic Necropolis revealed proofs of the oldest European civilization and the world's oldest gold. In significance the sensational discovery rivals Heinrich Schliemann's discovery of Troy.

In the investigated until recently 280 graves there have been uncovered 3 010 golden objects of overall weight of more than 6 kg, 23.5 carat purity.

The quantity and diversity is unparallelled so far, and the workmanship is amaising.

Some of the buried persons had golden and copper offerings - solid golden bracelets, appliques, a golden sceptre - symbol of the ruler' power.

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