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From ancient times to present days

Veliko Turnovo has preserved the atmosphere of the Bulgarian National Revival times
Veliko Turnovo has preserved the atmosphere of the Bulgarian National Revival times

The first steps are made under the cultural influence of Thracians, Proto-Bulgarians and Slavs (9th century). The national architecture quickly started shaping its own face. By the end of 10th century it has already freed itself from foreign influence and created its own appearence.

The Bulgarian architectural tradition namely blending to the environment, with stern and static forms is discernible today in the building of Boyana Church (suburbs of Sofia).

During the Second Bulgarian State (12th - 14th centuries) the enriched stylistic techniques were manifested in the Holy 40 Martyrs Church and in St Peter and Paul Church in Veliko Turnovo. Their peak is attained in the Nessebur churches of Pantocrator and Aleiturgetot.

The picturesqueness and mobility of the composition reached their perfection during the Bulgarian National Revival period (18th - 19th centuries) in great masterpieces such as Rila Monastery (the present day construction) and of course the Bulgarian National Renaissance houses.

Depending on the overall external appearence and decoration - wood-carving or murals - on the colouring of iron facings, the houses and architectural ensembles differ in the different regions.

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