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The Mystery of Bulgaria

The traditional folk costumes
The traditional folk costumes

Bulgaria's strong traditions are reflected in its festivals and celebratory events. Marked by ritual songs, dances and costumes, they offer visitors perhaps the best glimpse into the country's folkways and customs.

The traditions of the Thracians, Slavs and Bulgarians have been blended into a folklore and lifestyle variety that still amazes experts. The world has started talking about the Mystery of Bugarian songs and dances. A Bulgarian Rhodope folk song together with Bethoven's Ninth Symphony travelling to the stars with Voyager spaceships is the Bulgarian message to alian civilisations! The world is discovering it again and again at major folklore and song contests in Italy, France, England, Ireland, etc. from which the Bulgarian music and dance ensembles invariably walk off with the first prizes.

The Bulgarian costumes and songs are very specific cultural phenomena which evolve during long historic development. The traditional folk costumes – casual, festive and ritual – differ from village to village.

The colourful folk fairs, singing contests and original folklore festivals in our country gather thousands of singers. musicians and dancers - performers of authentic folklore. Several generations of Bulgarians sing, play and dance there.

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