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Temptations for the connoisseur

Wine God Dionysus, Borovo
Wine God Dionysus, Borovo

Viticulture and wine producing in the lands of present-day Bulgaria are an ageold tradition. Excavations from ancient settlements show grape seeds and berries dating back to 6 000 BC!

In Thracian times our geographical region was famous as a place where vines were planted and wine produced. The widespread cult of Dionysus found an expression in the depiction of vines, grapes, wine-cellars and ceremonies. Homer mentioned the area's wines in both the Iliad and the Odyssey.

During the Roman times viticulture spread to the entire Balkan Peninsula. After Slavs and Bulgarians settled and founded the Bulgarian state in 681, they inherited the millennial experience accumulated in the sphere of viticulture and wine-making.

The amazing thing is that the same area may claim property to the first vine protection decree in 2nd century AD as well as to the first prohibitionist laws implemented in history by the Bulgarian Khan Krum during his reign in 8th century AD.

During the Middle Ages a large part of the land was the property of the monasteries, devoted chiefly to vine-growing. The wine aged in a cool monastery cellars was famous throughout the country. Many foreign travellers who visited Bulgaria between the 11th and 19th centuries highly praised the country's wines.

Nowadays Bulgaria is one of the world largest wine producers together with France, Italy, Spain and Greece.

The Bulgarian red and white wines such as Mavrud, Melnik, Gumza, Dimiat, Pamid, Muskat, and Misket are well known to connoisseurs.

In general, South Bulgaria is known for its red wines, North Bulgaria - for its white wines.

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