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Village of Marash

The Jordan's House
The Jordan's House

The village of Marash is situated about 10 km. south from Shumen, 95 - 100 km away from the Golden Sands resort, about 110 km away from Albena resort. On arriving from the Varna - Shoumen highway it is very convenient to drive by the roadfork leading to the Rish pass and the circle road leading to the Varbitza pass.The entrance of the village passes natural tunnel formed from the branches of many walnut-trees around the route toward the village. Marash is urbanized, asphalt-paved. There is a big natural spring fountain - Geranlivata cheshma near the center if the village. In Marash there is a unique marble Orthodox church.

About few hundred meters away from the village's centre is the Marash mineral wather spring (the composition of the mineral water is like the well known springs of Karlovy Vary).

The village have an agricultural airport on which the Festival of Pepper and Tomato is held. There are two successful agricultural co-operations. They are big fruits and vegetables growers.

The local amateur folk show performs the native ritual of kalesvane - a form of invitation for engagement.

In the village resides Zdravko – an accordion performer and singer who knows as many as 126 folk songs.

The amateur folk band performs many local folk songs.

A party of man and man and women shows medievаl crafts – yarn spining, looming, crochet, cheese pastry grinding, cooking on bonfire, baking in ovens of easter cakes, cheese pastries, pumpkins and lamb. They also show washing of rugs in the big fountain - Geranlivata cheshma and grape brandy distiling.

In the village of Marsh is the house of grandpa Jordan (The Jordan's House). He was wealthy and well organized local villager with big family of 12 persons, big house with lots of animals. Now his house is the unique of his kind museum in Bulgaria. The villagers still remember the legends for Jordan.

Jordan Kamburov

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