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Assen Shishman

From 1280 to 1312-1313 the reign over the Bdin area was in Shishman's hands,the title of despot. He came from a Koumanian family and was married to King Ivan Assen II's granddaughter (her mother was Anna-Theodora from the Bulgarian king's marriage with Irina Komnin, and her father - sebastocrator Peter). Shishman was an independent Bulgarian king.

In 1292 Khan Nogay induced Shishman to take on Serbia. During his campaign, the Koumanians burnt the Serbian archbishop's church in Zhicha, but in retaliation the Serbian king Stefan Urosh II Milutin defeated Shishman's army and even took Bdin. Khan Nogay's intervention restored Shishman to the throne. The peace treaty was sealed with the marriage of Shishman's daughter and the Great Serbian Zhoupan, and of Shishman's son Michaell Shishman and the Serbian king's daughter Ana-Neda. A record from 1308 testifies that Bdin was the capital of Bulgaria and the Danube river criss-crossed it in the middle. By this time despot Shishman was abetted in his ruling by his own son Michael Shishman, and probably by his other son Belaur.

Despot Shishman was the first king in the Bulgarian royal dynasty of the Snisnmans in the Middle Ages.

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