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Vlad the Impaler, Dracula, took on Bdin

Count Vlad Dracula
Count Vlad Dracula

Vlad the Impaler, Dracula, took on the Bulgarian lands from Vidin to Nikopol in the first months of 1462. 23 883 people were killed and impaled in that campaign, not counting these who died in the burnt down towns and villages along the northern border of the Ottoman's empire.

Vlad himself described in detail that carnage in his letter of 11 February 1462 to Matheus Corvin. There are other historic records that Vlad III Tepes, Dracula, took on the Bulgarian lands and on Bdin. There are records of witnesses' acconts of those events in 1463.

The medieval German poet Michel Becheim wrote in his poem "About a villain named Dracula, Voivode of Wallachia":

Four hundred fifty-two
Was the year of tear shed and of disgrace.
Then Dracula set out in his strife
To take on magnificent Nikopol
And as all Europe later heard,
He took the lives of twenty-five thousand people,
Non-believer and Christian alike.

All hills, near or far, reverberated
The monstrous echo of the massacre,
Weeping doleful tears in quake. the capital of Bulgaria,
surrounded by a stronghold walls.
Bondan his soldiers called it,
The Turks - Bindin, because
They ruled there then.

The King's soldiers took the stronghold
By assault, despite its citizens' resistance,
And killed the elders,
For they were all cursed Turks.
The Christians themselves surrendered,
And no Christian was hurt -
Went they away with the army,
To ashes being their city burnt.

To back them up and to abet that day
From Wallachia, across the river,
Rode Dracula, the great voivode,
His army seven thousand strong.
The smouldering city went through fire again,
Its agony in smoke rising th the empyrean's beyond...

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