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History of Kavarna

The town dates back to Thracian times. In ancient Greek times, the area was dominated by the Greek fortress of Bizone established in the 5th century BC. In the 1st century BC, however, the town was almost completely ruined down by a severe earthquake. Later on, it was rebuilt and grew into a strong Bulgarian fortress – Karvuna, only to be destroyed again soon afterwards by an invasion of Tatar tribes in the Middle Ages. Following a thorough reconstruction by the Boyar Balik, the town became an independent principality named Karvounska Hora. After the foundation of the Bulgarian State the town changed its name a few times, from Karvuna to Karbona and then to Karnava, before it eventually received its current name, Kavarna. The Turks conquered it in 1393. Shortly before the liberation of the Bulgarian state from Ottoman yoke, Kavarna's witnessed a ruthless suppression of a rebellion of the local Bulgarian population, which ended up with setting the town on fire and a death toll of about 1 200 people. The town of Kavarna was once again rebuilt into agricultural and fishing centre.

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