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Landmarks of Bratsigovo

One of the landmarks in Bratsigovo is the Town Museum of History. The Park-Monument Vassil Petleshkov is situated in the old centre of the town where during the month of April 1876 there was a revolutionary position and the Apostle of the Uprising Vassil Petleshkov died a heroic death. An unpretentious monument to the martyr was erected here and his bones were placed at its foundation. A humble park was formed around it.

Sindzhirli Bounar - a square, surrounded by Revival Period houses. It is in this square that Petleshkov announced the beginning of the April Uprising and Ana Gizdova handed the flag she made for the revolutionaries. The memorial plate is a reminder of that event and the bounar (well) itself is an interesting architectural monument, too, erected in 1813. The home of Petleshkov - a fascinating architectural monument in which the great patriot was born on 14.01.1845. The house is arranged as a museum. The building of chitalishte (reading room or community centre) Trendafil - a priceless relic of the Revival Period time. During the preparation of the Uprising the building was used by the revolutionary committee for meetings and as a warehouse for arms, ammunitions and foodstuff. The place of death of V. Petleshkov - along the road to Pazardzhik, at the entrance to the town stadium, where a modest monument was erected. The house of Nikola Boyanov - an architectural and historical monument. It was in it that on 22nd February 1876 Georgi Benkovski founded the revolutionary committee of Bratsigovo. Dzhambovs House (1840) - with it architectural design in the style of Plovdivs bi-symmetrical house is an attention-grabbing architectural monument in itself. Damovs House (1835) - an uncommon architectural monument, a complex of residential and agricultural buildings. There is a rose-distillery in the courtyard. Sveti Yoan Predtecha Church (1833) - one of the last creations of the master-builders from Bratsigovo. The belfry is 28.61 metres in height and the width of the tower adds up to 4 m. The town clock is on the third floor. Acoustics related pots were built-in in the walls of the church. A printed Gospel of 1572 was found in it. The house of Priest Sokol (1849) - Chairman of the Revolutionary Committee of Bratsigovo. The following sites are of interest, too: Karamanovs House, Lukovs House, Popovs House (1847), Kunchevs House, the Russian Monument and others.

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