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Tomb of Silistra

In Silistra has been preserved a unique antique tomb dating back to the middle of the 4th c., at the time when on that site was flourishing the fortified Roman town Durostorum. It is assumed that the tomb was mean for a wealthy slaveholder – Roman citizen with Thracian origin. The reason for that are the characters and a number of details of the wonderful frescoes covering the walls and the dome of the tomb.

The tomb has rectangular plan, covered with a semi-cylindrical vault and is built from stone blocks. The walls were divided into separate rectangular panels, in the central one of which were depicted the figures of the master and his wife, dressed in long Roman mantles, while on the side panels were depicted the slaves and slave-girls, wearing various accessories for the dressing of their masters. On the geometrical vault, amongst exotic palms and birds of the imaginary by the Thracians heaven, was depicted a hunting scene, where the nobleman, with a spear in his hand is chasing a wild boar – the favourite entertainment of the Thracians.

The tomb is exhibited today in a special protective building.


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