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Eco Tourism in The Balkans

The Central Balkan National Park offers a wealth of natural
The Central Balkan National Park offers a wealth of natural

The Central Balkan National Park offers a wealth of natural, ethnographic, and historical sites that provide a unique atmosphere for folklore events, reenactment of traditional rituals, hands-on demonstrations of local arts and crafts, and other tourist attractions. The hot mineral springs around the Park are an additional tourist draw and provide opportunities for spa resorts and treatment. The Park Directorate works with local hotels and lodgings, restaurants, souvenir and gift shops, and horse and bicycle rental groups to provide amenities for tourists.

The Central Balkan National Park Directorate is a member of the Central Balkan-Kalofer Ecotourism Association. This society among the first of its kind in Bulgariapromotes ecotourism as an income-generating opportunity for local communities as well as a sustainable use of the environment. The Association has launched an ecotourism model that can be used in all of the small gateway communities.

The Directorate has issued catalogs of tourist information about the villages of Ribaritsa and Cherni Osam and the townships of Karlovo and Pavel Banya. These catalogs can be used for educational and scientific data purposes, as well as to develop ecotourism-related products. This information is stored in electronic format in the Directorate offices.

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