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Kozarska cave (Goat cave)

From the top of the rock crown there opens out a fantastic panorama of the area
From the top of the rock crown there opens out a fantastic panorama of the area

Kozarska cave (709 meters) is a part of the Lakatnik Karst Area. It is situated in the plateau where the Proboinitsa river flows into Iskar River.

The entrance of the cave is high over the river and it is hard to be seen by a casual visitor. The cave is called Kozarska (Goat cave) because to reach it you have to climb up steep and narrow track. Its entrance is big with a spacious antechamber that is usually used as a bedroom.

The cave itself is very small and only the fallen on the floor quartz crystals reminds of its former beauty. There are 2 corridors that lead to the only hall of the cave. In the cracks of its ceiling the foots of the one-time enormous quartz geodes can be seen.

Crawling leftwards along a narrow gallery ending with an outlet, in the direction of the ridge of the rock crown, you can reach the top of the rock crown. From there opens out a fantastic panorama of the area.

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