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Rural Tourism in Bulgaria

Many Bulgarian villages, which have preserved their traditional appearance and genuine spirit, situated in environmentally clean regions, open their doors with hospitality to those willing to share the preserved rich Bulgarian traditions and folklore, agriculture, delicious and varied local cuisine, preserved old crafts, the forthright human relations.

The Bulgarian village atmosphere can be experienced in:

  • Bozhentsi - An idyllic village nestling in the folds of the Balkan Range, 16 km from the town of Gabrovo, which time seems to have lulled to sleep centuries ago. The shutters of the workshops have been closed, the blacksmiths have stopped hammering, the hearths have gone out. The well in the square. the wax workshop and the St. Elija Church are almost 200 years old. Until the end of the 19-th century Bojenci has been an economic, administrative, educational and spiritual center for the surrounding villages. Today, there are 100 houses left, built 100 - 250 years ago.

  • Arbanassi - Austere houses that resemble minor fortresses on the outside. with high, solid walls and heavy gates, iron, rids and secret hiding-places, but which are spacious and comfortable, richly decorated and furnished on the inside. The oldest of Arbanassi’s five churches is The Birth of Christ (1637 - 1649). dug into the ground without a belfry and with hidden cupola, but hiding a genuine art gallery with over 3.500 stunningly realistic figures and Biblical scenes, painted by unknown artists throughout the ages.

  • Ribaritsa - The village of Ribaritza, located near by Teteven (15 km) is situated at the foot of the Stara planina mountain. The beautiful surroundings, clean air, the rivers and the meadows, the warmth and hospitality of the people of Ribaritza, will mainly be in the care for tourist routs, construction activities in the forest; on the territory of the National Park 'Stara Planina' the Nature Reserve -'Tsaritchina'. The beautiful nature is a perfect for relaxation from the chaos of the everyday life in the big cities. In the same time the participants will meet with the locals and find out the Bulgarian hospitality. Vols can visit the town of Teteven not far from Ribaritza as well as some monasteries nearby, connected with Bulgaria history and religion.

  • Zheravna - Zheravna is the best place to spend your vacation. This little Bulgarian village offers absolute Eco purity, silence, rural atmosphere and interesting landmarks.

  • Kovatchevitza - The village was founded at the end of the 17th century AD. The first cell school was built in 1830, and its church St. Nikolas – in 1848, turning Kovachevitza into the cultural center of the entire region. The village of Kovachevitza is tucked away between the ridges in the remotest south-western corner of the Rhodopes. Its dwellers number 50 people. The settlement is about 1050 m above sea level. Its climate is moderate, with a mild winter (as the breath of the Aegean is felt coming from the south) and a cool summer, provided by the freshness of the surrounding coniferous forests. Nearby winds the Kanina River, renown for its three deep ponds, the abundance of mountain trout and its magnificent waterfalls, cascading like glittering silver from dizzy heights. Its charming, narrow, cobble-stone streets and the unadorned beauty of its proud, tall white-facade houses with stone-slab roofs and huddled whispering eaves, are a unique example of the Bulgarian architectural genius.

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