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National Cultural Calendar


  • International Koukeri Masked Dancers Festival, Pernik


  • International Plein Air of the Graphic Workshop, Plovdiv (March-December)
  • Pancho Vladigerov Days of Music, Shoumen
  • Sofia Film Fest, Sofia
  • Choudomir Festivals, Kazanluk


  • International Festival of Jokes, Gabrovo
  • International Festival of Classical Guitar, Kyustendil
  • International FODAR Photo Biennial, Pleven (April-May)


  • Reproduction of Episodes from the April 1876 Uprising, Koprivshtitsa
  • Gabrovo Carnival, Gabrovo
  • International Children’s Folk Dance Festival, Sliven
  • International EUROART Youth Festival, Blagoevgrad
  • “Sea with No Frontiers” International Youth Folklore Festival Bourgas
  • International Zhivopisatira [Satirical Painting] Plein Air, Gorna Oryahovitsa
  • Drouzhba [Friendship] International Plein Air, Stara Zagora
  • International Symposium in Sculpture, Plovdiv
  • Sofia Music Weeks International Festival, Sofia
  • International Festival of the Comedy Performance, Gabrovo
  • “The Magic Curtain” International Festival of the Performances for Children, Turgovishte
  • International Biennial of Humour and Satire in Art, Gabrovo
  • Festival of Roses. Selection of the Rose Queen, Kazanluk (May-June)
  • “Lovely Thrace is Singing and Dancing” Folklore Gathering, Haskovo


  • Nationwide pilgrimage and homage paying to Okolchitsa Peak
  • Day of Botev and Those Who Perished for Bulgaria, Kalofer
  • “Helo Balchik” International Children’s Festival, Balchik
  • “Laquered Shoes” International Children’s Festival of the Arts (music, theatre, children’s drawings and paintings, modern ballet, folk dances), Berkovitsa
  • “Folklore with No Frontiers”, International Youth Festival and Competition, Dobrich-Albena
  • “Kozlodoui-Okolchitsa”, International Plein Air, Vratsa
  • International Varna Summer Theatre Festival, Varna
  • International Perperikon Theatre Festival, Kurdzhali, Perperikon
  • “The Holy Virgin – Dostoino est” International Festival of Eastern Orthodox Music, Pomorie
  • “Maestro Zahari Mednikarov” International Festival of Children’s Choirs, Dobrich
  • International Festival of Chamber Music, Plovdiv
  • Orpheus’s International Youth Folklore Festivals, Smolyan
  • National Exhibition of the Folk Arts and Crafts and Applied Arts, Village of Oreshak (June-September)
  • Festival of European Co-Productions Films, Varna. Sofia
  • Golden Rebec Folklore Festival (Authentic and Processed Folklore), Rouse


  • “Film Nights in Philippopolis” Summer Film Panorama, Plovdiv
  • “The Peace of Tomorrow Begins with the Friendship of Today” International Children’s Dance Festival, Silistra
  • International Varna Summer Jazz Festival, Varna
  • International Varna Summer Music Festival, Varna
  • International Plein Air, Plovdiv
  • International Exhibition of Satirical Drawings and Cartoons, Razgrad
  • National Plein Air, Shoumen
  • “Yavorov Days” National Poetry Festivals, Pomorie
  • Festival of the Folk Traditions and Arts and Crafts. Fair of the Yoghurt, Razgrad


  • International Euro Folk Festival, Tsarevo (August-September)
  • “Strandzha Palette” International Plein Air, Malko Turnovo (August-September)
  • “Love is Madness” International Film Festival, Varna (August-September)
  • International Folklore Festival, Bourgas
  • National Koprivshtitsa Gathering, Koprivshtitsa
  • National Competition of Bagpipers, Smolyan


  • International Film Festival of Alternative Films, Rouse
  • “Two Are Few, Three Are Too Many” International Puppet Theatre Festival, Plovdiv
  • “Hopes, Talents, Masters” International Youth Music Festival and Competition, Dobrich-Albena
  • “Katya Popova Laureate Days” International Music Festival, Pleven (September-October)
  • International Plein Air in Painting, Razgrad and Its Vicinities
  • “Polomie” International Plein Air in Painting, Lom
  • International University Student Film Festival, Velingrad
  • International University Student Festival of the Film Art, Balchik
  • “Stage at Crossroads” International Theatre Festival, Plovdiv
  • International Tournament in Sporting Dances, Bourgas
  • “Pierro” International Festival of Puppet Art for Adults, Stara Zagora (September-October)
  • “Europe Is Here” International Film Festival, Pazardzhik
  • International Balkanica Writers’ Meeting, Kurdzhali
  • Apollonia Festival of the Arts, Sozopol


  • “Golden Dolphin” International Puppet Theatre Festival, Varna
  • International Youth Music Forum, Vratsa (October-November)
  • International Plein Air, Smolyan
  • “Disciples of the Master” International Plein Air, Kyustendil
  •  “Golden Chest” International Festival, Plovdiv
  • International Photographers’ Meetings, Plovdiv


  • “Frantz Schubert” International Keyboard Competition, Rouse
  • “Autumn Theatre Meetings” International Theatre Festival, Pazardzhik


  • International Book Fair, Sofia

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