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George Dimitrov
George Dimitrov

In consequence of the agreements between Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt, after World War II Bulgaria fell under the sphere of influence of the Soviet Union.

Thanks to its centralized resources, Bulgaria was able to solve, with a relative success, the relevant problems of industrialization, education and social welfare. In the course of several decades the country became one of the main economic partners of the former Soviet Union. Bulgarian commodities were sold on markets stretching from the Baltic region to the Pacific. This large-scale growth, compared to the country's size, was accomplished to the detriment of citizen's rights and freedoms. The economy was militarized and unilaterally bound to the Soviet market and the Soviet raw material supplies. Non-governmental organizations did not exist. Individual enterprise was restrained.

In several cases BCP authorities resorted to massive repressive actions, namely:

  • in the elimination of their political opposition
  • in the forced (ordered by Stalin) Macedonization of the Bulgarian population living in the Pirin Macedonia region, when Bulgarians were forbidden to speak the literary Bulgarian language and were taught a concocted Macedonian tongue
  • in the nationalization of industry and large urban real estate
  • in the collectivization of agriculture
  • in the so-called vazroditelen process (revival process), when ethnic Turks were forcibly Bulgarized and not permitted to speak Turkish and practise their Muslim rituals.

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