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The church St.Ilia was declared an architectural monument and dates back to the V c. The following chapels are located in the vicinity: St. Ilia- situated at 3-4 km west from the village, St. Petka- situated at 1 km south from the village, in the Ryakata place, St. John of Rila- situated at 2 km north from the village, in the Marino selishte place.

The place situated near the St.John of Rila chapel, built in 1998 in Strandja Mountain, is charged with strange energy. Recently a spring with gray-whitish colour jetted there. Probably that confirms the ancient name of the village - Byala voda (White water). The locals claim that this is a curative spring.

The interest in that place increases, because a lot of strange things happen here at any time. Light spheres descend from the sky at night. Snakes creep in the snow. The sharp winter wind cant blow the candles up. It is sufficient to stay for a while to feel in your body a new vital power.

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