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Bulgarian traditions

During its 15 centuries' history Bulgaria has survived through many difficulties and experienced periods of upsurge and downfalls, and nowadays it is an economically and politically stable and prospering country, a proud member of the European Union, where the tourism is in its Renaissance.

Bulgaria will capture your senses with its big variety. It is well-known as a fascinating and picturesque country, with sunny coasts, clean sandy beaches, quiet bays and romantic caves. You will be enchanted by its virgin mountains, the crystal-clear lakes and shady forests, emanating a characteristic aroma.

You can feel the Bulgarian traditions in the typical spirit of the nation, the particular centuries-old handicrafts, and especially in the fine taste of the Bulgarian cuisine and the delicate flavor of the Bulgarian wines. There is no person who will not recognize the uniqueness of the Bulgarian cheese varieties, the yoghurt, the typical Bulgarian dishes and drinks.

Situated on a crossroad between the East and the West, Bulgaria has always been an interesting and attractive combination between the Oriental spirit and the European culture. What makes the country an even more attractive tourist destination  is the mild climate with four clear-cut seasons, and above all the dry and warm summer. You can enjoy the splendid Black Sea, the magnificent mountain tops, the virgin rivers and lakes or the modern and developing towns, all within 200 km of the resort.

It would be a sin not to try this fruit of paradise!

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