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Perperikon - the ancient sacred town of Thracians

In 2002 Bulgarian archaeologists discovered for the first time in Bulgaria the remains of a palace-sanctuary of a Thracian king with a fortress nearby - Perperikon. The palace, dating back from the 5-6 centuries B.C., is situated in the Eastern Rhodope Mountains, some 15 km. away from Kardjali town (some 115 km. from Plovdiv).

For more than a century already, archaeologists have searched for the remains of the famous temple where Dionysus had an oracle. It is believed that, when made, the discovery will be as important as that of Troy and Mycenae. Very little is known about the temple today and the only thing which is known for sure is that it was in the Holy Rhodope mountains. Some archaeologists believe that Perperikon is the Temple of Dionysus.

The Rhodope Mountains were famous in ancient times for the mining of gold, silver and precious stones. One of the largest mines in Antiquity was located near the present-day village of Stremtsi, about 2 km. from Perperikon. What remains of it are about a dozen entrances and more than 500 metres of galleries. The entire hillside was cut through by a thick network of tunnels and caverns.

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