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Basic Philosophy for the Kamen Briag

Kamen Briag (Stone Coast)
Kamen Briag (Stone Coast)

Local knowledge is the cell for global understanding. Dobrudja offers blaze landscape, rich by antiquity, stubborn and conservative, but passionate. Color is sleepily sunflower yellow. Completely voiceless. It is an undulate land - plants, animals, people sway the same way.

The Black Sea coast of the Dobrudja region is a unique place for those, who are questioning themselves about their life style and whether they are satisfied with their contact with the Nature. The region is a place, which offers a true pleasure to those who opt for differences. You can see, while laying on the beach (if you have time for that) a pair of dolphin lovers some 30 meters away from you... You will never forget this...

The region itself looks poor - no industry in the whole area. The international road, taking you to the border is the only good one; the rest are country roads, appropriate for riding, biking and photo safaris, taking you to different wonderful scenery places. There is no mass tourism infrastructure development - no casinos! But maybe this is the magic of the place - a silence, which you can hear, birds songs, no crowd, fifteen kilometers Golden Sand dunes and beaches, where you can find a place of your own. A big variety of Black Sea fishes and sweet water fishes from the lakes, crabs, etc. makes your table different every day. All this, brought to your doorstep by a fisherman, who caught the fish in the Morning, still alive...

Indeed, when you look through the poverty, you find a beautiful region with unique culture and nature. It is a perfect place to develop sustainable tourism. The Black Sea has a magnificent coastline with the best quality sandy beaches and dunes (22% of the sand of the Black Sea coast from Turkey to Romania is concentrated there!), rocks with caves, surrounded by steppes and arable fields. It is a rich place for birdwatchers, people interested in ancient history, archeological diving, those interested in Thracian culture, Greek, Byzantine, Bulgarian, Turkish, etc. cultural heritage.

The area is a place, where one can be protected from the harsh, unpredictable realities of the Big World and satisfy a little the nostalgia for the carefree childhood in familiar pursuits and products of their youth. The sterile computer era will be far away.

The area offers unique experience. A land, where there is an enormous amount of pristine countryside, away from big resorts. An exciting protected area in the neighbourhood on the Durankulak Lake, one of the richest biodiversities in Europe.

Margarita Kaisheva

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