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A few thoughts

  1. New age wave: computer revolution will be followed by an age of consciousness revolution and spiritual revolution. New age believes in the essential goodness of Man. Reality is organically one. Self evolution is the only means to change others. Human evolution can be accelerated, if not in the entire mass of humanity, at least in suitable individuals.
  2. Fantasy Adventure: The modern age whets our desire for roads undertaken. 99 lives. Too fast a pace, too little time to understand what is going on…It is about to cause societal schizophrenia and forces us to assume multiple roles and to adapt easily.
  3. SOS - Save Our Society! - We are to re-discover a social conscience of ethics, passion and compassion. Stresses-out consumers will indulge in affordable luxury and find a way to reward themselves.
  4. The Vigilante Consumer: The awareness that good health means healthy food leads to a new way of life. The food, which is to be served, is to be prepared from ingredients, which have not been frozen before cooking. The meat and eggs will come from organic farms and the vegetables - from gardens without pesticides.
  5. The Dramatic Personage are the visitors who want to have answers to the question: Do we know, what will be tomorrow?

Organizing special discussions on philosophical, historical, cultural life style and other matters of Today and The Future will encourage personal statements. A Kibela local Through the Looking-Glass Journal will be issued.

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