Rila is the highest mountain in Bulgaria and Balkan Peninsula. Most of high peaks are about 2500 - 2700 m above sea level a.s.l. some of them have alpine look Maljovice (2730 m a.s.l) and its ridge, others are high-mountain meadows (mostly in Eastern Rila).

Several peaks are higher - 2800-2900 m. a.s.l. Mussala peak with its 2935.40 m a.s.l is the highest point of the mountain. Little Mussala (2902 m) and Irechek (2852 m) are next to it.

The mountain is divided to four main parts by deep glacier-made valleys. These are the valleys of Iskar Rivers, Rilska River, and Maritsa River. Other beautiful pieces of this mountain are its eyes glacier lakes.

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