This is one of the largest fortresses in the Rhodopes (12 000 sqm). It tops the elevation Kamennik in the Eastern Rhodopes. The place is known as Gin Tepesi (The Mountain of Spirits).

Remains of the outer walls and the hexagonal tower wall, which is about 10 m high, are still preserved. In the beginning of the 20 th century the famous fortress researcher Ivan Velkov discovered the tower almost intact, climbed the stairs and looked through the loop-holes. A cistern of dimensions 12 by 5 meters and 6 m deep is also preserved.

The scientists believe that this is the famous fortress of Perperikon mentioned by the Byzantine annalist Giorgos Acropolit.

Recently the team of the eminent Bulgarian archeologist Prof. Nikolay Ovcharov expressed the opinion that here was located the Sacred town of the Thracians. The site includes a palace with a sanctuary dating back to the 4 th or 5 th century BC, a fortress, a settlement and a circular prophesy shrine. It is believed that this was also one of the capitals of the kings Teres and Sitalkes, respectively father and son. The palace was an L-shaped 3- or 4-storey building with 40 rooms.

The two corridors and 13 rooms have been preserved. The dimensions of the throne room are 25 by 6 meters. However, the most important discovery is the famous circular prophesy shrine which, according to the Roman historian Svetonius, was not covered. Here Alexander the Great consulted the prophets before the campaign in Asia Minor. It is believed that the place hides fabulous treasures.

It is located 2 km to the south of the village of Gorna Krepost, province of Kardzhali (15 km away from the town of Kardzhali) and it can be reached within 20 minutes. It takes about 4 hours to walk from Kardzhali to the fortress.

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