Cultural, historical and eco tourism

Rositsa river
Rositsa river

The interesting historical objects in Byala Cherkva; the town's location; the proximity of natural and historical sights; the preserved traditions, lifestyle and hospitality of its inhabitants are favourable conditions for the development of explorative, schoolchildren's, rural and eco tourism. The objects are served by a tourist guide and are easily accessible. One-day trips from all towns in the country to Byala Cherkva are possible.

The Ecotrail Negovan, Dryanovo Monastery and Ecotrail Dryanovo are near the town.

Popular tourist routes:

  • Svishtov - Byala Cherkva Gabrovo Shipka
  • Byala Cherkva - Dryanovo Monastery
  • Lovech Kakrina - Byala Cherkva Veliko Tarnovo, etc.

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