Fallow deer

Trophy hunt: 1st September - 31st January

The National record (207.59 CIC points) comes from the hunting ground Voden, Northeast Bulgaria. The rut is in October.

Hunting is mostly stalking. We recommend 4 - 5 hunting days. In many hunting grounds, it is also possible to hunt for wild boar, mouflon, chamois or red stag at the same time.

Capital fallow stags reach up to 5 kg. Fallow stags in Iskar hunting ground, at the Iskar Dam lake reach up to 4.5 kg. In the eastern part of the Rhodope mountains, at the Dam lake Studen Kladenetz are hunted mature medal fallow stags with trophy weight of 3 - 3.5 kg. Our guests have hunted over 50 fallow stags, the best one with trophy weight of 4.7 kg.

Stoyan Trifonov

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