The Jordanov 's house

The restored museum-house is located in the village of Marash. It is built in 1883 - the thickhess of the walls being 50-60 cm put up with clay loam and straw bricks, two storeyed, white - coloured, on the road side the roof is supported with bays, there are wooden posts, wooden staircase and tiled wooden peak on the yard side, in the yard fruit trees, ryegrass, trellissed vines, flowers are planted and there is a vine yard also.

The house consists of the following rooms:

  • barn with a variety of agricultural tools and devices a cart with wooden axles, plough made of wood and iron, horse collar, curry comb, panner or basket for straw carrying, universal rack for animal feeding, scythe, pruning knife, swaphook, sickle, flint studded threshing board (pulled by a horse during threshing time at the stack /threshing yard). Close to the barn there is a pigsty (pigpen).
  • weaving workshop loom, an old hand sewing machine, spindles for spinning and twisting, distaffs, cloth beams, warp beams, shuttles, a wooden spinning machine, rotarydevices for yarn uncoiling, (unreeling), spinning wheel, crutches, chest for rug carpets, etc.
  • odaja (respite and dining room) window seats, low round dining table with three leggend stools, original old meal pottery, sleeping corner, mattresses made with tow cloth, a trunk with brass facing (lining) for traveling abroad, wooden sofa with round table, gramophone with a startinghandle and a spring, copper appliance for hand washing prior to entering the room, paintings, mirrors, trays - (charger, salver), kneading troughes hutches, spatulas, wooden partitions for breadrising, etc.
  • drawing room (tayern) a room with a table and sofas round it, a fireplace, a rebec, a pandore (mandoline), copper utensils for the fire, a piece of pottery for meal carrying to the fields, etc. In this room guests can be met throuchout the whole year. They can taste different dishes prepared from original bulgarian recipes, 3 kinds of white wines, 3 kinds of red wins, 3 kinds of brandies, Shoumen beer, lemonade, capacity 10 to 16 persons. Folklore music bagpipe, shepherd's pipe, mandoline.
  • cellar (wine cellar) In that room the winter supplies the wine, a baking pin, rolling pins, wooden mixing spoons for pepper and tomato relish simmerring, a large plated tin for animal fat rendering, a wooden mortar with coulter used mainly for red pepper pounding, whey, etc.
  • oven cheese (meat, pumpkin) pasties are baked in it and pulled out in the presence of the tourists for tasting.
  • penthouse (shade) -  with stable wooden tables, sofas, seat blocks (block for sitting) - for 45 persons, all together, during the summer the tasting is caried out here.

The village of Marashis situated 10 km away from the city of Shoumen, 95 100 km away from the Golden Sands resort, about 110 km away from Albena resort. On arriving from the Varna Shoumen highway  it is very convenient to drive by the roadfork leading to the  Rish pass and the circle road leading to the Varbitza pass.

The Jordanov 's house is not functioning as a restaurant, but as a museum house in which only tasting is carried out.

 Our guests can taste the following traditional foods and drinks:

Traditional foods and drinks    Price
Yogurt 0,200 kg 1 EU
Haricot beans stew 0,250 kg 1 EU
Haricot beans soup 0,250 kg 1 EU
Kebapche (grilled rissole) 0,08 kg 1 EU
Lutenitza (pepper relish puree) 0,05 kg 1 EU
Twisted cheese pastry 0,200 kg 1 EU
Jerk (beef) 0,100 kg 2 EU
Yellow lemonade(ancient recepe) 0,5 l 1 EU
Baklava 0,200 kg 1 EU
Boza (fermented millet drink) 0,250 l 0,5 EU
Turkish delight 0,05 kg 1 EU
Halvah 0,05 kg 1 EU
Rakia (grape brendy) 3 kinds, 0,025 l 0,075 l 2 EU
Wine (3 kinds, 0,100 l) 0,300 l 2 EU
White brined cheese 0,100 kg 1 EU
Flat sausage from Smiadovo 0,100 kg 2 EU
Beer Shumensko 0,500 l 1 EU
Wormwood wine from Osmar 0,100 l 1 EU
Fruits (acording to the season) 0,250 kg 1 EU
Giant tomato 0,200 kg 1 EU

Jordan Kamburov

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