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Cheap Ticket For Africa
Cheap Ticket For Africa
Cheap Ticket For Africa

For the international traveler and adventure seeker there is one name more than any other that conjures up images of exotic travel. From the pyramids of Egypt to the Winelands of the Cape there is no continent quite so rich with spectacular variety as Africa. This is the land of the Sahara Desert, of the Central African snowcaps, Kilimanjaro and the Mountains of the Moon. It is the Source of the Nile, the home of the open plains, thundering hooves, palm fringed coastlines, jostling dhows and exotic islands. Africa is a book that once opened can never be closed. It is a destination that creeps under the skin, and if you visit once you will be compelled time and again to return. African travel is rough travel. It is one of the last great frontiers of long range overland voyaging through untrammeled space. From the desert heartlands of the Sahara and Kalahari, through the complex natural habitats of east, central and west Africa, cultural and ecological diversity is the by-word. The vivacity, color, music and dance of Africa sparkles like a tropical ocean. The wildlife of the plains, the gorillas of the forest and piquant journeys through the spice islands...

This is all Africa, and it is here for you to discover.

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