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City: Osmar [ information ]

A visit in the village of Osmar

A visit in a Bulgarian village house for foreign individual and group tourists

You cannot see it included in the traditional tourist packages but you can feel it in a small village nested at the foot of ancient hills, 14 km South of the city of Shumen. The village of Osmar is situated between the first two Bulgarian capitals - Pliska and Veliki Preslav. This is the place where the aristocrats from the king's closest circles had built their residences. The strategic position of the village has always made it a part of the great events that have changed Bulgaria's history. Perhaps this is the reason why its inhabitants are still devoted adherents to the Bulgarian national identity.

This is the place where the traditional Bulgarian hospitality, the gentle character of the people and the merry-making habits of the Bulgarians all meet. The famous bitter Osmar pelin wine originates here. It is only here that it is made from a recipe passed from father to son. Surrounded by fruitful grapevine fields, the village of Osmar has established its reputation as the most famous with its wine industry region in Bulgaria.

The house of the Sveshtarovi family has welcomed guests from all over the world for 20 years (since 1982). Following the custom, each tourist enters the house taking a piece of cake and eating it with honey. Each guest receives a bunch of wild geraniums. A folk group of local people dressed in traditional national costumes will show you how Bulgarians celebrate one of their customs. You can also try some home-made banitsa (cheese pastry), a glass of Bulgarian wine and some fruit.

There is a 70-year-old cooperage in the house. The visitors can see the instruments people use to cultivate the land and grow animals. You can spend some time playing with the animals in the yard or walking in the house garden. You can pick a fruit straight from the tree. This is an ecologically clean region.

The house of the Sveshtarovi family is not an ethnographical house. Here, traditions are living, the feel is more than authentic. After the short time they have spent together, guests and hosts part good friends.

One of the attractions during the visit in the village of Osmar, is a panoramic tour of the village in carts drawn by donkeys. Tourists can visit the village church St. St. Constantine and Elena that has 150 years of history. In it there are icons that are believed to have healing effect on the people who see them.

One of the interesting sights in the surroundings of the village is the rock monastery in the place known as Boaza (The Gorge). Here you can feel the strong energy field that has given this place prominence in the century-old heathen tradition. There is an old heathen sanctuary there. Its altar concentrates the strongest energy field.

It is difficult, if not impossible, to describe the village of Osmar with words. You must see it and feel it. And then it will remain one of your best memories.

Aneta Sveshtarova

Date: 07-03-2005

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