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New Europe fears immigration

Date: 26.11.2005

In a sociological survey the Italian foundation Nordest and the University of Urbino delineates the current attitude towards immigration in six EU countries - Italy, France, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic.

The results are rather surprising. It is mostly the three New Europe countries that fear immigration. About 60% of the Hungarians and the Czechs and 44% of the Poles have such concerns. Unlike them, the Old Europe citizens have a more relaxed view on the issue. Even in France - a recent stage of wreaking immigration passions - only 24% of the French are anxious about future immigrant wave. In Germany and Italy every third is worried about the issue.

The survey examines the attitude towards foreigners depending on their origin. People from the Balkans, Bulgarians included are not in the least Hungary's and Czech's favourites particularly. The French are best disposed, as half of them trust Bulgarians and Romanians. In Italy the immigration concerns are mostly connected with security and public order issues, while the Hungarians, Czechs and Poles are mostly worried about their jobs. Immigrants are seen as an economic resource mostly in France while Poland is completely skeptical in this aspect.

The skepticism of New Europe about immigration is mostly connected to its skepticism about the European Constitution. Bout 30% of the Poles and the Hungarians approve of it compared to the 70% of the Italians supporting it.


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