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World Scholars: Bulgarians keep your alphabet

Date: 19.10.2005

Bulgarians should not give up the Cyrillic alphabet in view of the EU accession, international scholars warned at a conference Wednesday.

The Cyrillic alphabet paved Bulgaria's entry in the European community as early as the ninth century, and should not be discarded at any cost. Close to a hundred scholars united behind this idea at an international conference dedicated to the deed of Sts. Cyril and Methodius, held in Sofia.

The brothers were born in Thessalonica, in 827 and 826 respectively, and are celebrated as the fathers of Slavic literary culture and the creators of the Cyrillic alphabet.

At the time, the Slavic culture helped Bulgaria incorporate in the Western European model of written culture Svetlina Nikolova says. None of the Slav and Bulgarian scholars around the world consider it right to replace an alphabet of such history with the Roman one.

None of the scholars even takes this idea seriously, Nikolova says, as they all understand that the problem of Bulgaria's integration in Europehas nothing to do with the alphabet. Changing the letters would not make Bulgarian any easier to understand, she added.

Anybody could learn Cyrillic in a day, Francis Thompson says, and adds that the alphabet should live on like the Roman one. There should be different alphabets in the world, he says, because life is interesting precisely because of its diversity.

Sofia News Agency

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