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24-Hour Non-stop Exclusive Premiere on Travel TV

Date: 31.10.2006

For 24 hoursTravel TV will be broadcasting non-stop the ultimate truth about the court trial against the Bulgarian medics in Libya.

Five Bulgarian nurses and one Palestinian doctor were arrested in 1999 and convicted with death sentence for infecting over four hundred Libyan children with HIV in a Benghazi hospital. The American journalist Mickey Grant traveled around 4 continents and visited 5 world capitals attempting to reveal the truth about one of the most manipulated, scandalous and dreadful international trials in the new millennium.

For 7 years now these five Bulgarian nurses and one Palestinian doctor have been jailed in a Libyan prison under unproved charges for intentionally infecting with AIDS more than 400 Libyan children. These five Bulgarian young women grew old, despondent and decrepit among stink, darkness and torture. They spitted at my face, smeared ashes on it and when they burned my feet I could smell the unbearable stench of smoldering flesh, tells one of the Bulgarian nurses in Mickey Grant’s documentary “Injection”.

Could it be that Moammar Kaddafi is trying to outsmart the whole international community? The money that the Jamahiriya paid for the bombed airplane over Lockerby is the very same amount that Libya has requested from Bulgaria in return for freeing the nurses. The indemnity money for Lockerby seems to be only a deposit. Some victims’ relatives refused to accept this bloody money.

“Injection” is a sad but provocative voyage into the sinister world of Kaddafi and his victims. Could these healthcare workers have committed this horrific crime? Or, are they scapegoats to divert attention from institutional shortcomings? Is Moammar Kaddafi ultimately responsible for this tragedy? Is syringe reuse common in Libya and the rest of Africa?

See the world premiere of this movie on Travel TV International from Tuesday, 02 November, until Wednesday, 03 November, 24 hours non-stop!

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