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Thracians invented the first writing

Date: 28.03.2006

The theory that the Shumerians and Egyptians have invented the first alphabet was smashed to smithereens by the sensational thesis of Dr. Stephan Gide from the Institute of Transcendent Analysis in Long Beach, California, according to whom Thracians are the ones who have created the first written characters.

Dr. Gide is of Bulgarian origin, he is one of the highly respected scientists in the USA. An ancient Thracian writing has been deciphered from the sacral tablets, dating back to the fifth or fourth millennium BC, which have been found in Bulgaria. The written characters are called "Karanovo Writing" after the name of the locality where the tablets have been found.

Dr. Gide claims that their invention precedes by two millenniums the creation of the Shumerian and Egyptian writing.

Bulgarian archaeologists defend the stand that there are even more ancient written monuments in our territoty.

"In our museum we keep tablets with written characters on them, which could be regarded as a kind of letters. Our exhibits date from the Neolithic Age," said Tatyana Kuncheva, archaeologist of the Museum of History in Nova Zagora. According to her, many museums in the country keep tablets with written characters, dating back to the Neolithic period.

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